The Inspiration & Motivational Case of this Girl. Hats off !!!

I recently checked one of the trending videos on tweeter, which one of my friends has shared.

I want to share the story of this girl with you, who is an amputee which I googled and sharing with you all.

This story is about Shubh Kaur Ghumman from India. She is the student of nursing who is now famously known as for her dancing skills and her positivity. She met an unfortunate accident in 2009 while riding a bike. Due to a bad medical treatment and negligence of doctors she lost one of her legs. But the brave girl took this incident as a life challenge and continued her studies and dance practice even after that. Now she is popularly known as one leg dancer. She also helps Amputee who wants to dance by teaching them.

Check her Page

The moment I watched the video I felt all my worries are self cropped and unnecessary. Yes, all of us have hardships in our life which we have to iron out ourselves. The human spirit is all about facing challenges in life. It is not about failure, but converting your failure into success. Life is about turning stones thrown at you into milestones.  One should not forget that the loftiest towers rise from the ground.

As said in Chinese 留得青山在,不怕没材烧 (liú dé qīng shān zài, bú pà méi cái shāo) – Where there is life, there is hope.


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