When I learned the secrets of life from my laptop…

Last week was very hectic for me for one of the major delivery, for one of our clients. After writing loads of codes for the project on Friday night I opened a beer and took a power nap.

Suddenly I had déjà vu, the same feeling what Neo experienced in ‘The Matrix’. My laptop screen went dark and it reads…

wake up

WTF…am I seriously living in Matrix was my first thought. My face went pale white and suddenly another line prompted on the screen…

Follow the white rabbit

There was a flash of light from my screen and I found myself on the green road with silver markings. It was dry, hot and dark street having black squared shaped buildings. I went towards the ray of light at the end of the road fighting dry hot air with black dust pushing me backwards. I realized was inside my laptop.

On reaching the source of light, I heard from the black sky “Welcome to Rabbit hole”. I was very scared and asked the source what it wants from me and why am there. There was lots of Whys, Hows and What’s on my mind. The source said that from years I have been struggling to find the answers of the basics of life, the ultimate purpose of life and Karma. How Karma and destiny are linked ?

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Yes, I searched for all the answers for years but I bluntly refused to the source. The Source chuckled and it starts raining confetti, one of the pieces of the confetti stuck to my nose. When I took the piece of confetti and observed it, I realized I have mistaken my search logs for confetti !

The source said that definition of spirituality has changed from time to time, hand to hand, region to region, race to race. But it has the same crude meaning. Being a geek who believes in binaries it was tough for me to understand this philosophy. The source who knew me well judged my dilemma very well. He enlightened me to the basics of life through Computer Programming fundamentals.

The foundation of modern computing is based on below principles:

  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Encapsulation in computer language means “bundling of data with the methods (or other functions) operating on that data”. The source explained the similar behavior in our daily life. We as humans are complex creatures who bundles various emotions with our behavior which operates our daily life. The positive emotions like love, confidence, trust etc. in our attitude have great ability to take us to the heights. Similarly the compliment of listed filings; hatred, lack of self belief, enmity can drag ourselves away from our basic purpose of life: To Enjoy each second of it.

Abstraction in computer language is “Hiding of complexities from the end user”. The basic element is in our character which we implement for our loved ones and for our enemies. A mother will not have a morsel until her children have their stomach full. We undergo lots of hardships for loved ones to ensure the smiles on their face. We are concerned about the happiness of our loved ones and ensures they never learn how much pain we have gone to see the twinkling sparkle of happiness in their life.

Inheritance holds lots of importance in programming. Inheritance is the process of creating new classes in a program from the existing class or classes. This principle holds good in our daily life. Our Kids will inherit the behavior which we behave before them. Our actions have deep impact on their psyche. Raising well-behaved children is not easy. We become drained from the nagging and whining and manipulating and quarreling. Our children attract all the thoughts and these negative thoughts shows in their character as they grow. And of course from the perspective of biology, we inherit the genes of our parents. The spiritual guru will preach children will inherit the Karma of their parents.

Polymorphism means one which has many forms, in computer language this concept is achieved by enabling a method to behave differently in different situation. The Source enlightened me by relating polymorphism in human life. We have performed so many roles in our life and we should perform them without any expectations. We should be a good son, good brother, good parent, good employee etc. By performing these roles to their fullest we can have harmony in our society. The Source made a statement “A human being is like a pure virtual function in C++, who are overloaded by their karma…”

knock knock

Suddenly I heard knock, knock

I was in my cubicle, it was 11:00 pm. I noticed screen saver flashing on my laptop screen. It was Denis who came to me for code review, tapping my desk. I have just woken up from a dream. I have never felt such freshness and enlightened.

The whole experience made me ponder that how the secret of life is being tried to pass on generations of our ancestors through different mediums, but still we are wandering to nowhere.


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