A Gentlemen’s Guide to Dating

~~~~~Here’s a quick reference for budding Casanovas :)~~~~~

A gentlemen guide to dating

Your suggestions are welcome

I would like all girls to share your expectations regarding your date and guys to share their success secrets 🙂

Source : www.groomu.co.uk


12 thoughts on “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Dating

  1. I don’t think men should take the “Be a man” too far though. After a point, a guy’s ‘macho’ factor gets to be annoying. We would much prefer it if you just act naturally. Sometimes when you try too hard, it ends up making things worse. Good luck wooing girls! 🙂

  2. I think men (heterosexual men dating heterosexual women) should have been tapping into their male instincts and essence long before their date, so they know what that’s about. Male Essence? You say? I’m not the one to explain – check out anything David Deida.

    But straight women do like an expression of it, it’s quite a turn on for most of us. Long as it’s the real you. Compassion and being able to listen is also quite attractive, but not just so you’ve put in time and the conversation can return to you (narcissistic journey to hell).

    For myself, a strong sense of male self, compassion and courage is important. Because courage in a man is what allows him to move past any fears which may come up with regards to a woman. And some of us are (meaning not girls), so we may be a little different in expression, goal, carriage, all of that. So not being afraid to introduce things (look stupid), and be with what’s there takes courage. Otherwise guys seek to reduce the woman in some way or fade. I say, for me personally….if you don’t have the above stuff. It will be a torturous waste of time. Otherwise, quite enjoyable. I’ve listed things I admire and respect (honestly).

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