Rendezvous with a 14th month toddler :)

Last weekend I visited to friend’s home. He was playing with his 14 month old daughter in the lawn. His boss rung him and he asked me to look for his daughter for the moment. It took him quite a while and I was noticing his daughter, her name is Annelies. She was playing with her toys.

She was so busy with her toys that she ignored me calling her. Suddenly I clapped and she dropped her toy with surprise and noticed me. It was so soothing moment for me when her twinkling innocent eyes looked me. It was a magical feeling to feel the innocence, that looks has wiped away chaos of my routine and calmed the turbulence of my mind.

Slowly I reached to her favorite toy and put that inside my shirt. She looked bit confused by that act, she tried lot to reach upto my pocket but couldn’t. She even offered me other toy for exchange which I kept but didn’t return her favorite toy. Now I can see bit of frustration on her face. She stood up taking the support of chair was trying to reach to me. Her persistence to reach for her goal has impressed me lot and I returned her favorite toy.

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Throughout episode she taught me to be patient in tough times. We should be persistence, honest and should look other ways to resolve any problem we face in daily life without losing self-composure.

Lately, I’ve been watching her learn how to walk. Even though she sometimes falls flat on her face and even though she sometimes hits her head really hard on the floor trying to walk, she just picks herself back up and tries again. There is no fear and no hesitation. She just does it.

In fact I find it incredible that she’s able to try things time and time again without the fear of failure. Watching her roam around the house and explore, I can tell that she is constantly learning and assimilating an enormous amount of information every day. Her mind is completely open and she’s willing to give everything a try. Deep down, I wish that I could be just like that baby girl. In fact, we should all aspire to be more like our children.

It’s ironic, but sometimes age and experience can actually prevent us from achieving our full potential.

The main problem is that we all develop biases and self-developed chassis over time which we reluctant to change, that can severely limit our success.

Just give a thought that a toddler learns tough languages like Japanese and Chinese with equal ease  because he doesn’t have any self-built perception about the language and his abilities and people with higher IQ struggles with these languages.


5 thoughts on “Rendezvous with a 14th month toddler :)

  1. Im in complete agreement when you say ‘It’s ironic, but sometimes age and experience can actually prevent us from achieving our full potential.’ If we could mimic the determination, persistence and purity of children, there’s a great deal we could learn. Great post!

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