Philanthropy begins from your heart not from your wallet

Many of us feel that giving is an important part of planning for financial success. When teaching our kids about money, it is vital that we remember to address the value of giving. Few of us want our children to grow up stingy toward those in need. We want to see them involving themselves in philanthropic efforts, and helping others.

Children can learn to give to others. Indeed, just as it is important to start teaching them about other money habits as early as possible, giving is an important habit to instill in young children

We have lots of resources available in electronic era where we can incorporate such habits in ourselves and in our children. Several websites guides and enlighten the spirit of giving

One of such sites is which I came across is

where philanthropy can be fun with learning not only for kids but for grown-ups also. Yes, here you donate without giving a penny from your wallet. Your learning curve can give bowls of rice to a malnourished child in Syria or Somalia.


Ask your conscious the basic question, when was the last time did you ever make somebody happy. By happy I don’t mean by cracking jokes and making someone laugh, I mean happy. Happy from heart, happiness which gives peace…

I would like all readers to reblog this blog, hit like button, publicize the link  so that we can spread the message of giving and make the world better place.

Let’s heal the world and spread the message. Together we can and we will make the difference


17 thoughts on “Philanthropy begins from your heart not from your wallet

  1. Its a very unique concept that by playing a word game, not only one is gaining knowledge but is also contributing… nice read and a unique way of donation… will be keep playing for learning and more importantly contributing… 🙂

  2. What a lovely website that is! I just went and donated 200 grains of rice. 🙂 I will come back to this later (I need to walk my dog) and do a re-blog. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the like. I to liked free rice but then became suspicious about just how much was going to provide rice and how much the site itself was making, are they giving enough or simply have they found a way to make money for themselves.

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